F/B 'Richoula is the newest support barge designed to provide all the necessary support of the 'AssoTrencher', 'AssoJet' and 'AssoPlow' underwater machines. It was constructed in 2013 by ASSO and certified to comply with the requirements of offshore service modules. 

The barge is equipped with complete navigation components and is driven by 6 powerful hydraulic thrusters. It can be controlled either from the Trencher’s Control Cabin or remotely by using a Wireless controller. It is designed to be able to maintain position by integrating its GPS and Navigation System with Thruster Control. 

During shallow water post laying burial the barge accommodates all the necessary equipment and machinery required for the operation of the underwater vehicles:

  • Diesel engine;
  • Water Pump Unit;
  • Hydraulic Unit;
  • Diesel generator;

On the open deck the vessel accommodates:

  • An autonomous portable control cabin;
  • A portable water pump powered by a diesel engine;

This barge is controlled both wired and wireless with independent controls in order to assist during shallow water operations. The combination of six thrusters with the incorporated semi-dynamic-position capabilities the barge has the ability to remain in position in close proximity to the underwater vehicle according to user needs. 

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