'AssoTrencher IV' has been for many years one of the top of trenchers of the Assosubsea portfolio. 'AssoTrencher IV' is built for executing burial works in soils and conditions where the following fac­tors co-exist:

  • Very hard soils,
  • Uneven territories
  • Limited cable slack availability. 

Its unique design and method of operation, enables the loading and securing of heavy cables on the vehicle, without reducing its’ ability to maneuver or effectively perform the trenching operation.

'AssoTrencher IV' utilizes high end technology and all latest innovations and developments coming out of company's R&D Department. As with the entire Assodiver's range, this trencher is based on a number of sophisticated instrumentation to operate and to provide feedback during cable trenching operations.

Despite its increased dimensions, 'AssoTrencher IV' is able to maneuver effectively in rough territories and to withstand the shear forces, tensions and vibrations resulting from demanding rock trenching. 

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