Triton XLX is the ultimate heavy duty and survey class ROV. It is designed to provide underwater manipulative services and offers class-leading in-current performance, tooling and instrument space and access for maintenance. Triton XLX is an excellent all round performer capable of survey, construction and drill support operations. For enhanced capability the Triton XLX can be fitted with a wide range of optional equipment such as hydraulic cutter and other ancillary tools. 

Triton XLX ROV can operate in 3000m water depth while it is equipped with various instrumentation enabling advanced survey activities in all subsea conditions. ROV's control is intergrated in vessel's system and consist of fully redundant windowns based HMI computers. Intuituve graphic user interface, dedicated real-time controllers, advanced graphical interactive diagnostics, control consoles combining touch screen and physical switch control interface offer a dedicated monitoring system and operator-friendly environment onboard the vessel.