The Assograpple IΙ is a multi purpose-built tool designed for seabed intervention. It also incorporates a grapple frame which is focused in increased control and product positioning accuracy. The frame can accommodate a wide variety of equipment such as tine grab, clamshell, mattresses installation equipment, survey equipment etc.

This in-house system is designed for fast and accurate removal of boulders/-spoil heaps and similar products as well as for provision of protection on cables, pipelines and crossings. It is ideal selection for crossings protection and cable/pipe free-span rectification.

The AssoGrapple IΙ eliminates the need for complicated/bulky support equipment on deck that would, in other cases, assist in frame’s maneuvering.

This new version is extremely versatile and can easily be incorporated onto existent trenching spreads taking advantage of existent deck equipment and minimizing mobilization / demobilization time.