Floating Barges and Workboats


'Richoula' - The latest versatile support barge designed with large deck space to accommodate large machinery and support the 'AssoTrencher' underwater vehicles in shallow waters.


'Afroula' - A versatile compact barge equipped with tracks and an elevation system to rise above sea water in order to provide support in shore end operations which are not accessed from land.


'Charoula' - A dismountable aluminium pontoon used to support 'AssoTrencher' underwater vehicles in shallow water project areas.


'Potoula' - A dismountable aluminium pontoon used to support 'AssoTrencher' underwater vehicles.

XIV & XV Workboats

Workboats 'XIV' and 'XV' - Tailor made workboats used in landing operations and for vessel support duties.

Assodiver V

'Assodiver V' - Multi-purpose workboat is used for diving support, CTV or landing workboat duties.

Historical Trenchers

AssoTrencher V

'AssoTrencher V' – Basic design small and versatile with impressive track record.

AssoTrencher VIII

'AssoTrencher VIII' – Executes burial works in mixed soil conditions with the ability to top load various cable configurations.

ΑssoTrencher IV

'AssoTrencher IV' - Executes burial works in very hard soils, uneven territories and limited cable slack availability.

ΑssoTrencher IV Mk6

'AssoTrencher IV Mk6' - Executes burial works in bedrock or very hard cohesive soils (till, clays etc.), uneven seabed terrain /steps and cases with limited cable slack availability.


'AssoMultiTrencher' - Meets the requirements of excavating deep in soft seabed soils by means of trenching or jetting, overcoming seabed anomalies even at very shallow water depths.

AssoPlow MK II

'AssoPlow MK II' - Lightweight tracked jetting plow for simultaneous lay and burial operations. It has been designed to load flexible products diverless and has the ability to operate in semi-autonomous mode from the support vessel or barge.

AssoJet II

'AssoJet II' - Small and light tracked jetting vehcile capable of operating in very shallow water areas.

AssoJet IV

'AssoJet IV' - Capable to perform trenching operations on a variety of products including power cables, umbilicals and pipelines in varying soil conditions.

Additional ROVs

Vector M5

'Vector M5' - Inspection class ROV compact design and control which can be fitted and launched from any vessel of opportunity.

Argus MK-III

'Argus MK-III' - Inspection class ROV able to carry heavier sensors and small manipulators for light work duties.