This specific barge is modified appropriately from ASSO to execute separate shore end fiber optic cable landing and burial operations at harsh lading areas where shallow water depths and uneven territory occur.

This barge is equipped with the following necessary equipment in order execute safely and accurate the above mentioned operations:

  • A small cable tank and a slide in order to accommodate the necessary cable length ;
  • Four (4) thrusters with a joystick control system in order to be able to execute accurately the cable laying operation;
  • Navigation system;
  • Jack-up caterpillars so as to approach easily and safely landing areas and if required to operate at very shallow waters or at shore areas;
  • Jetting swords for burial operations up to 2m trench depth (Optional);

F/B 'Afroula' has the advantage that it is a flexible, maneuverable, compact lightweight vessel that can operate safely and efficiently in any type of seabed and shore conditions. In addition it is capable to operate near the landing area due to its jack-up caterpillars which are used at shallow water depths. Therefore in occasion where swell occurs F/B will not be affected during landing or burial operations.

In occasions that it is required to burry the laying cable F/B 'Afroula' can execute a burial operation by applying slight modifications on the barge and installing jetting knives. In addition F/B can be used also as a mean to carry and install CIS during cable laying operations.