The 'AssoPlow MK II' consist an evolvement from standard plow trenchers into a self maneuvering caterpillar trencher. As with conventional plow trenchers, a powerful jetting system is mounted at the front side of its stinger. The working principle is to cause fluidization of the seabed materials thus minimizing the shear force of the plow’s stinger along a specific path and up to a fixed depth with minimum disturbance of the surrounding waters. AssoPlow’s great advantage is that it does not necessarily rely on vessel pulling during Simultaneous Laying & Burial Operations. The vehicle is able to operate as a bottom crawler by using its hydraulically driven caterpillars. This greatly reduces the time needed for cable loading/unloading operations and greatly assists during launch and recovery of the system.

This vehicle is designed to operate in bury almost all kinds of flexible products including umbilicals, power & telecommunication cables, flow lines and various flexible pipelines.

Another major upgrade of the 'AssoPlow MK II' in relation to conventional plows is that it has been designed in such way so as cable loading and unloading to be executed without the need of divers. The benefits of this differentiation is that cable loading and unloading operations becomes a much safer operations and is only dependent on weather conditions. Furthermore diverless operations can be carried out at greater depths, much faster and safer. Loading and unloading operations are always monitored and assisted by an ROV to ensure that the cable is safely positioned and secured inside the stinger.

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