'AssoTrencher V', is a standard member of the "AssoTrencher" range of underwater trenching vehicles. The vehicle is designed to meet the needs of the underwater power and telecommunication industries, providing reliable solutions in trenching operations, especially in shallow and near-shore operations.

Furthermore, its robust structure is specially designed so as to work in conditions where ROV-based, jetting systems are unable to perform. Along with its support barge it can reach remote shallow water areas without the need for further support or propulsion.

The 'AssoTrencher V' is compact and very versatile and with the combination of various trenching tools such as cutting chains/wheels, excavation under difficult conditions is made possible without compromising the safety of the cable system. Equipped with the cutting wheel trenching through rocky or extreme hardness soils is feasible, even in uneven territories.

'AssoTrencher V' utilizes similar high end technology as its bigger siblings, yet is more modular and adaptive to suit a variety of client needs. All information during trenching activities are constantly monitored and recorded. The operators are constantly informed using cameras, profiling and scanning sonars, cable trackers and telemetry sensors while  complete data log is been recorder for further analysis.

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