'AssoTrencher VIII' was built in 2008 following the design of the successful trenching vehicle 'AssotTencher IV' and 'AssoTrencher V'. Improvement in the construction and control of the vehicle have been incorporated from the Company’s long experience of operating similar vehicles.

On this vehicle special pathways have been constructed for the loading of the cable on top of the vehicle in Post Lay Burial operations. Loading is achieved both with and without the utilization of divers via special lifting and cable handling appliances that can be fitted on the vehicle.

Control and powering of the vehicle is achieved either from equipment installed on the support vessel or on a specially designed support pontoon that can be used for shallow water operations. As in all of the "AssoTrencher" series vehicles, control and powering is interchangeable from one vehicle to the other providing flexibility based on the project conditions met.

Project Participation