The AssoMat I is a system for fast and accurate installation of mattresses and similar products designed for provision of protection on cables, pipelines and crossings. It is ideal selection for crossings protection and cable/pipe free-span rectification, due to the increased accuracy that can provide.

There are two versions of AssoMat Ι, a simple one and an optional. The simple version consists of an installation frame, whereas the optional version has the alternative of installing additional equipment which are presented here below:

  • Up to four thrusters for the controlled movement and the alignment
    of the frame over the cable.

  • An electric/hydraulic power unit for the power transmission to the rest
    of equipment, for unhindered operation at high water depths.

  • A tower with propeller, connected through pins with the frame, for hanging from A-frame by gimbal, during launch or recovery procedure.
  • Umbilical for the provision of power supply or data communication from the deck, through suitable equipment.
  • Instrumentation such as sonars, cameras and SSBL transponders for monitoring of the operation and positioning of the frame and the cable.
  • Venom 3k-200 ROV, connected through pins with the frame. The control of the frame equipment (hydraulics, instrumentation) can be operated by ROV.

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