The AssoJet III is the newest of the ASSO’s jetting ROVs. It has been in-house designed & manufactured from the ground up incorporating all of the Group’s past experience.

ASSO is proud to provide an advanced Medium Voltage, frequency regulated power fields which, in collaboration with Siemens, allow for cutting edge full control and protection of the vehicle’s MV motors/functions.

Variable operational modes available to the vehicle depending upon operational needs whether that requires intervention, survey, repair support. Multiple swords provide for the flexibility necessary to cater for a wide variety of underwater operations.

  • 1.3 MW of jetting power
  • 3.0 m jetting swords depth capability
  • 1.0 m backfilling swords for material collapsing & jet backfilling
  • Single eductor mode for cleaning/intervention operations
  • Jetting swords
  • Independent eductor system
  • Backfilling swords
  • Skids & tracks mode
  • In house design
  • State of the art design
  • High sea state capability