The 'Venom 3k-600T' is a versatile work class ROV/Trencher able to perform works down to 3,000m water depth. Its impeccable track record along with continuous improvement/upgrades provide cutting edge technology and maximum efficiency to our clients.

The 'Venom'’s main characteristic is its modular design which allows various modes of operation and tasks to be performed using a single system without the need of different spread mobilization.

In ROV mode, 'Venom' is able to tackle any task by utilizing its dual manipulators, an HP cable cutter, cable tracking system and a variety of other instrumentation. The high depth rating and its very high power place Venom in top class systems for a variety of projects.

As a soft soil trencher, Venom utilizes 3 x 200HP electric motors, which in turn drive a sophisticated closed circuit hydraulic system and pumps. With dual pressure nozzles, Venom is capable of jetting as a powerful bottom crawler. At the same time the vehicle is able to fly as a work class ROV, performing Cable survey operations or transitions between burial areas without the need of recovery on deck.   

Venoms dual modes are interchangeable and may be performed along the duration of the project if needed.

Project Participation