Taking into consideration the increased need in power energy supply, the Greek public power corporation proceeded by financing the cost of supporting two existent interconnections.

The first was the link between the island of Aigina and the peninsula of Methana and its total length was 9.8km. The second was the link connecting the island of Thasos and the coastal town of Keramoti in the north-east of Greek mainland, with a length of 8.1km.

Assodivers had undertaken the complete cable installation of both submarine cables. The operations were executed using two different marine mean mobilizations. SPS 'Astrea' was mobilized towards the cable factory in Sousaki, in northeastern Corinthia, in order to load the cable lengths and afterwards headed to each project area to proceed with cable installation. Working in parallel, the DP-capable FB 'Assodiver VII', towed to/from worksites by TB 'Hydna', was utilized as a working platform to assist on cable pulling operations onshore, as well as to assist 'AssoTrencher V' carrying nearshore protection on each cable, at a trenched depth of 1.5m. Landfall protection was succeded using the Hitachi 'EX-225USR'.

The whole project was delivered to the end user on the beginning of July 2012, approximately six weeks earlier than the project completion milestone. The operation of these underwater cables signified the uniterrupted power supply of both Aigina and Thasos islands, as the islands are currently powered through four underwater cables each.

Project Specifications


Cable Type:
Power 1x20kV MVAC
Cable Weight:
23.6kg/m in air
Cable Diameter:
Service Provided:
Cable Transportation - Installation - Protection
Laying Length:
Trenching Length & Burial Depth:
954m @ 1.0m
Aegean Sea, Greece
Max Water Depth: