The Cyclades project consists of the interconnection of Syros, Tinos, Mykonos and Paros islands with the mainland power grid through the Lavrio station, which will be operated by the Transmission System Operator (IPTO: Independent Power Transmission Operator) of the Greek Electricity System.

IPTO awarded Hellenic Cables a project to provide underwater 150kV cable connections linking Syros and Tinos, Mykonos and Paros, as well as setting up a 150kV terminal on Tinos.

Hellenic Cables awarded ASDG with a subcontract for the Submarine Cable Installation and Protection activities for the islands interconnection (Syros - Tinos, Syros - Mykonos, Syros - Paros) of the above mentioned scope of work. The working activities are including pull-in of the cables onshore as well as cable laying and submarine cable landfall protection (from joint bay position up to 30m water depth) on both sides of every link. 

Syros - Mykonos and Syros - Tinos interconnections were completed in second quarter of 2015, while Syros - Paros is finished in first quarter of 2016.

Project Specifications

Cyclades Project

Hellenic Cables S.A
Cable Type:
3 pole 150 kV 3x300 mm² power cable and FOC
Cable Weight:
65.1 kg/m
Cable Diameter:
Power: 195mm, FOC: 24mm
Service Provided:
Transportation, Installation and Protection
Laying Length:
Trenching Length & Burial Depth:
4,720m @ 2.0m
Alternative Protection:
Cast Iron Shells: 800m, Mattresses: 48m
South Aegean, Cyclades islands
Max Water Depth: