50Hertz Offshore GmbH - a subsidiary of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, transmission grid operator in Germany - awarded Prysmian a contract for offshore wind farm grid connections in Germany.

The project scope comprises the design, supply and installation of multiple high voltage submarine cable systems, between planned Offshore Wind Parks "Arkona Basin South-East" and "Wikinger", approximately 40 km north-east of the island of Ruegen, to the Lubmin substation in North East Germany, along a route of approximately 90 km (submarine) and 3 km (land).

This lay corridor consists of four (4) HVAC 220kV power cables (of which two are optional). A fifth cable, of approximately 7 km, will connect the two USP Winkinger and Arkona Becken.

Prysmian awarded ASDG with a subcontract for the pull in operations at platform Wikinger of the HVAC cable No.281 which connects the offshore substation to the Lubmin substation in Germany. ASDG's scope of work included pigging operation at the platform J-Tube for debris and obstracles removal, wet storaged cable recovery and final platform cable pull-in operations.

The works were completed during November 2016 using the purpose built cable lay vessel Atalanti.

Project Specifications

Cluster Westlich Adlergrund (CWA) Project - Final Pull In at Wikinger Platform

Prysmian PowerLink Srl
Cable Type:
220kV (3 core with section of 1200mm2) HVAC power cable
Cable Weight:
129 kg/m
Cable Diameter:
Service Provided:
Final Pull In at Wikinger Platform
50 Hertz Offshore GmbH
Baltic Sea, Germany
Max Water Depth: