Veja Mate is an offshore wind farm with a capacity of 400 MW being built in the German North Sea. It is located approximately 95km NW from Borkum Island in the German Exclusive Economic zone. The wind farm comprises of 67 wind turbines and will be connected to the German high voltage grid via the BorWin2 converter platform. Prysmian PowerLink was awarded by TenneT a contract for the supply and installation of a submarine cable connection between offshore wind park Veja Mate and the AC/DC VSC type offshore converter station BorWin2 Beta platform.

In the course to the above mentioned, Assodivers Group was appointed by Prysmian to execute the installation and protection works. ASDG SoW is including loading of 2 x 11,200m HVAC export cables from Arco Felice Plant, transportation to worksite,pre-lay grapnel run, pre-lay mattresses installation at crossings, initial cable pull-in at BorWin2 Beta platform, simultaneous cable installation and protection at 1.5m DOB and final pull-in at Veja Mate platform.

The works were completed during October-November using the purpose built cable lay vessel Atalanti and construction support vessel Aethra and as always in line with high quality, safety and time.


Project Specifications

Veja Mate Project

Prysmian PowerLink Srl
Cable Type:
155kv HVAC system, 3x800mm2 conductor, XLPE insulation, with an interstitial optical unit of 30 SM fibers
Cable Weight:
90kg/m (in air), 60kg/m (in water)
Cable Diameter:
Service Provided:
Cable Transportation - Simultaneous Laying/Burial (SLB), Mattress installation at crossings
TenneT Offshore GmbH
Jetting Length & Burial Depth:
2 x 11,200m SLB operations at 1.5m target DOB
Alternative Protection:
Mattresses Installation at crossings (38 pcs)
North Sea, Germany
Max Water Depth: