The MONITA project consists of the supply and installation of a 1000MW +/- 500kV bipolar system with an aluminium conductor of 1x1900mm2 section and with insulation in high viscosity filled with paper layers. The power supply will connect the two alternating / continuous conversion stations located respectively in the area near the existing power station at 380/220/150kV of Villanova, in the municipality of Cepagatti (PE) in Italy and in Lastva Grbaljska in the municipality of Kotor in Montenegro.

The system can operate following a bipolar pattern and more specifically by using two high voltage 500kV cables of opposite polarity, or, following a monopolar scheme with current through two marine electrodes: anode side Italy and cathode side Montenegro.

Prysmian has awarded ASDG the following scope of work:

  • Installation of Module structure that represents the Anode of the electrode on Italian Side;
  • Supply and Installation of Tetrapods for protection of Anode and Cathode (respectively on Italian and Montenegro Side);
  • Supply and Installation of Tetrapods for support of Cathode (just Montenegro Side);
  • Fastening Cathode Conductor on the Tetrapod’s for Support of the Cathode.

Protection of anode and cathode electrode by means of Post Lay Burial (approx. 10.000m in Italy & approx. 7.000m in Montenegro). Additional jetting of the HDD pipes exposure length in Montenegrin 


Vessel / Equipment used

  • Ariadne
  • Astrea
  • Triton XLS ROV
  • Assojet III

Project Specifications

MONITA (Italy - Montenegro)

Prysmian PowerLink SRl
Service Provided:
Installation of Subsea Structures – Cable Protection
Alternative Protection:
248 Tetrapods & 12 Electrode Module Structures
Adriatic Sea
Max Water Depth: