BorWin3 project refers to a 900MW DC grid connection system in the North Sea cluster 8 developed by TenneT. The system’s direct current is transmitted from BorWin gamma offshore converter platform to a TenneT substation located in Emden/Ost, through a 160km connection. The aforementioned length corresponds to both the onshore (30km) and the offshore (130km) cables. The submarine cables (2x HVDC and 1x FO) are bundled. The project’s site and cable route are presented in the following figure.

Prysmian Group has awarded Assodivers Group the final pull-in operations on BorWin Gamma offshore platform of each cable separately, i.e. two (2) pull-in operations for the HVDC cables and one (1) pull-in operation for the FOC.


Vessel / Equipment used

  • Atalanti
  • Artemis
  • Atom  ROV

Project Specifications

BorWin 3 - Pull-in on Platform

Prysmian PowerLink Srl
Cable Type:
2x single core HVDC 1x FOC
Cable Weight:
Power: w.a 40.6kg/m w.w: 28.6kg/m FOC:w.a 3kg/m w.w: 2kg/m
Cable Diameter:
Power: 128mm FOC: 35mm
Service Provided:
Cables pull in on platform
TenneT Offshore GmbH
Max Water Depth:
40 m