The Rion-Antirrion project concerns the interconnection, between Rion and Antirrion and it is located in Municipality of Patras, Achaia Regional Unit (Peloponnese) and in Municipality of Nafpaktia, Aitoloakarnania Regional Unit (Sterea Hellas) respectively.

Fulgor has awarded ASSO a contract for the execution of the installation and the protection of x6 single core AC 400kV XLPE submarine power cables. In summary, the submarine cable routes have a maximum sea depth of approximately 70 meters and the length of each one is about 3km. The underground sections of each cable are approx. 1.9km for the underground section at Antirrion side and 4.8km for the underground section at Rion side.

 ASSO’s scope of work included:

  • Preparation Activities // Mobilization activities 
  • Pre-lay mattresses (supply &) installation
  • Pre-excavation - Onshore
  • Onshore pull-in 

 Vessel/Equipment used:

  • Ariadne 
  • Astrea 
  • Alcyone 
  • Hydna 
  • AssoTrencher IV Mk6
  • AssoMat I
  • Triton XLS ROV 


Project Specifications

Rion – Antirion Submarine Cables Installation & Protection

Fulgor S.A Hellenic Cable Industry
Cable Type:
Power 1x 155kV HVAC Cable
Cable Diameter:
180 mm
Service Provided:
Cable Transportation – Installation – Protection
Laying Length:
Trenching Length & Burial Depth:
15280m @ 1.0m or 0.5m
Jetting Length & Burial Depth:
755m @ 1.0m or 0.5m
Alternative Protection:
Rion - Antirrion, Greece