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The 'Venom 3k-200' work-class ROV is designed for heavy subsea construction and survey operations down to a depth of 3,000 meters. 

Its impeccable track record along with continuous improvement/upgrades provides cutting-edge technology and maximum efficiency to our clients.

It is fitted with a hydraulic power unit to give a total shaft power of up to 200HP. A modular design allows various modes of operation and tasks to be performed using a single system. The primary role is submarine cable surveillance, maintenance, and repair. The power, control, and workshop facilities are containerized which allows rapid mobilization on an alternative vessel.

Telemetry data and video are transmitted from the ROV to the surface control through single-mode optical fibers. PC-based control system offer state-of-the-art pilot displays and real-time diagnostic features.

The 200 HP electric motor provides thrust power to four horizontal and four vertical Curvetech HT 380 hydraulic thrusters, which provide unrivaled power and control for deep-water operations and adhere to weather conditions.

The vehicle is equipped either with aramid reinforced or with an armored umbilical depending on the project needs.

It is deployed using a sophisticated launch and recovery system (LARS) ASSO has designed and constructed.  In deep water applications, a top-hat tether management system (TMS) configuration is used.


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