Subsea Cable Laying

By owning and operating the cable laying vessels Ariadne and Atalanti, we are in a unique position to potentially undertake any sort of submarine cable installation project, from very shallow to deep waters, and with more than 1000 km of cables installed worldwide, we have the right knowledge, experience, and tools that are necessary to install high voltage export cables to connect a wind farm to the shore, HVDC interconnectors between countries, connections between islands or infield cables of an offshore wind farm.

Subsea Cable Protection

Protecting submarine cables is at the heart of our business. We have designed, built and operated our own burial tools for 35 years, and with our proprietary fleet of 3 highly specialized Trenching Support Vessels, we undoubtedly have the widest trenching capacity in the market.
From soft to extremely hard soil (over 100 MPa of hardness), from shallow to deep water, and from post-lay to simultaneous laying and burial, we can propose the most capable set of tools and techniques to protect submarine cables all around the world.

Seabed Preparation

Seabed is filled with rocks, boulders, debris, and other irregularities. Our interventions are necessary when installing submarine cables, to ensure that a “clean” and “stable” base is prepared. Combining different operations such as PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel), Route Clearance, Boulder Clearance, and Pre-trenching, we are able to clean and level the surface and so to create the right path for the cables to be installed.

Subsea IMR

Major submarine interconnections can suffer significant costs of service interruption that can rise into the tens of millions per month. Without a proper contingency plan, outages of critical infrastructures can last up to one year. With more than 30 years of experience in repairing submarine cables, Asso.subsea has the right expertise, people, and assets to deal with the unexpected, by providing the right tailor-made solution for each different project. We have a long track record of repairing and installing more than 70 submarine cable joints, supporting the marine operations of utilities, offshore wind farm owners and submarine cable manufacturers worldwide.

Floating Offshore Wind Farm

Asso.subsea is a frontrunner in the floating wind industry and is already involved in two different projects in France. Thanks to strong and long-standing cooperations with some of the most reputable submarine cable manufacturers in the market, we have designed bespoke solutions for the needs of our customers to ensure the right level of care for this new technology. But we are not limiting ourselves to cables: with the acquisition of the offshore construction vessel Athena, we are expanding the perimeter of our activities and are now able to offer additional services such as towing and mooring of the floating structures.