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DP III – Cable Laying Vessel

The Ariadne is a DP-3 Cable Laying Vessel built for worldwide operations, specially designed for power cable laying, protection, and repairs as well as for diving, ROV, Survey, and IMR work.

She is an Ulstein SX-121 design, built in Norway in 2009 as the Viking Poseidon, and was acquired by her current owners in March 2017. Upon delivery, her class was transferred from DnV-GL to ABS in line with company policy.

The primary function of the vessel is the execution of challenging power cable installation projects, but she can be used on any kind of subsea and offshore project, for which she is ideally suited and equipped.

She features a 1,620m2 aft deck with 6,500t load capacity and a large ROV Hangar suitable for 2 WROVs, with side-launching and through-moonpool launching capabilities. She is also provided with a 250T offshore crane, with heave compensation and an auxiliary whip hoist for 25T, and with man-riding capability. She is currently fitted with a 1,500t cable carousel on deck.

The vessel has been built to the requirements of DnV-GL Comfort Class (C-3, V-3) and she can accommodate a total of 106 persons in the highest level of comfort.

The Ariadne (/ˌæriˈædni/; in Greek: Ἀριάδνη) is named after the Cretan princess, daughter of King Minos of Crete, who according to Greek mythology, helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur by providing him with a sword and a ball of thread so that he could retrace his way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth.

  • IMO Number
  • Length
    130.00 M
  • Breadth
    25.00 M
  • Dynamic Position System
    Kongsberg KPos-21 & 11 with C-Joy (DP-3)
  • Deadweight
    abt. 10,000 MT
  • Accommodation
    106 Persons
  • Flag
  • Classification
    American Bureau of Shipping
  • Owner
    Asso Ariadne Navigation Company Limited, Cyprus

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