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Gode Wind 3 (Germany) – Subsea Cable Laying & Protection 

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The Gode Wind 3 project concerns the connection of two AC grid systems, the offshore wind farms Kaskasi II and Gode Wind 3 to the associated HVDC offshore substations.  

With the Gode Wind 3 project, TenneT has installed a three-phase connection in the North-Sea-Cluster 3. The three-phase current generated in the Gode Wind 3 offshore wind farm is transported via an AC submarine cable to the DolWin Kappa offshore converter platform. 

ASSO carried out the offshore cable laying and burial works including the planning, design and implementation of route preparation (i.e. PLGR, route clearance, mattresses installation as appropriate), cable pull-in on the offshore platforms, cable installation and protection as well as the associated as-buried surveys. 

Asso’s scope of work included: 

  1. Route Preparation Activities:
  • PLGR, approx. 9,805m along the AC submarine cable route 
  • Installation of articulated concrete block mattresses, 156m in total length, at cable crossings; 
  • Route Clearance of out of service cables 
  1. Cable Installation:
  • Cable pull-in on DolWin Kappa HDVC converter platform and Godewind 3 platform; 
  • Simultaneous lay & Burial, approx. 12,493m of AC submarine cables at 1.50m target depth of burial.  
  • 15 x rockbags installation close to platform Dolwin Kappa platform 
  1. Cable Protection : 
  • Post lay Burial works, approx. 3,167m of AC submarine cables at 1.50m target depth of burial.  


  • Owner
    TenneT TSO GmbH
  • Contractor
    ZTT International Limited
  • Year
  • Cable Type
  • Cable Diameter
    203.5 mm
  • Cable Weight
    57.4Kg/m (water) 84.3Kg/m (air)
  • Laying Length
    16 km
  • Jetting Length & Burial Depth
    16 km at 1.5 m
  • Max Water Depth
    25 m


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