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DP II – Trenching Support Vessel

The Aethra is a DP-2 Trenching Support Vessel built for worldwide operations, specially designed and outfitted for supporting a variety of subsea trenching vehicles. She is also well equipped for cable laying and repairs as well as for diving, ROV, Survey, and IMR work.

She is fitted with an ROV Hangar for 2 WROVs, a moon pool, a 100T A-Frame, and a 150T offshore crane, with light-load heave compensation (up to 30T) and an auxiliary whip hoist for 15T.

She has been built in Norway in 1999 as the Polar Prince and was acquired by her current owners in June 2015. In September 2015 her DP system was upgraded by Kongsberg Maritime to the latest KPos-21 (with C-Joy) and she was certified under the Special Purpose Ships Safety Code (SPS Code) for up to 50 Special Persons, beyond marine crew.

She holds an extensive track record, on a variety of diverse subsea construction projects and she is well known in the market as a reliable and robust unit, capable of handling harsh environmental conditions.

The Aethra ( /ˈiːθrə/; in Greek: Αίθρα) is named after the mythological princess, daughter of King Pittheus of Troezen, who according to Greek mythology gave birth to Theseus (fathered by King Aegeus of Athens). Etymologically the name Aethra means “clear/bright sky”.

  • IMO Number
  • Length
    94.1 M
  • Breadth
    22.0 M
  • Dynamic Position System
    Kongsberg KPos-21 with C-Joy
  • Deadweight
    4,500 MT
  • Accommodation
    87 Persons
  • Flag
  • Classification
    American Bureau of Shipping
  • Owner
    Asso Aethra Navigation Company Limited, Cyprus

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