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The Multi-Functional Pre-Lay Plough represents the latest investment of ASSO Group in order to cover the constantly evolving underwater protection requirements. The same plough in interchangeable modes can clear boulders, pre-lay trench in multiple passes and post-lay backfill.

The three-folded operational advantage derives from the fact that the plough incorporates a common chassis and lift point, with interchangeable front boulder grill, Y share, interchangeable front skids, mouldboard extensions, backfill mouldboards and rear skids and thus allowing the multiple operational configurations from a single plough.

The plough is steerable by utilizing the assembly’s steering arm and the tow bridle configuration. The steering is hydraulically powered and is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders which move the hinged steering arms relative to the chassis.

The multi-functional pre-lay plough creates an engineered stable trench suitable for laying power cable and other similar flexible assets (umbilicals, etc.)


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