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Multipurpose Support Vessel

The Alcyone is a Multi-Purpose Support Vessel specially built for shallow water operations, in light of her very shallow draft. Provided with ample deck space, fitted with a 7 point mooring system, a pair of 17m long spud poles, and a 120t crane complemented by a variety of grabs and auxiliaries, this vessel is ideal for near-shore trenching operations, dredging, cable landing assistance, cable jointing operations, and any other similar work.

Built in Italy in 2006, under R.I.NA. Class, the vessel was acquired by the Asso Group in October 2018 and registered under the Greek Flag for National and International trading and operation. In 2019 she underwent a major upgrade to better suit her new role in the Group, which also saw her class transferred to ABS.

She holds an extensive track record, on a variety of diverse projects ranging from dredging and anti-pollution to wreck removal under her previous Owners, and is being constantly kept up to date with new equipment and careful maintenance to ensure zero down-time and highest possible performance on her employments.

The Alcyone (/ælˈsaɪ.əniː/; in Greek: Aλκυόνη) is named after one of the mythological Pleiades, daughters of the titan Atlas and Pleione. According to Greek mythology she was the mother of the fisherman Glaucus, who was later transformed into a sea-god.

  • IMO Number
  • Length
    46.7 M
  • Breadth
    15.0 M
  • Deadweight
    900 MT
  • Accommodation
    12 Persons
  • Flag
  • Classification
    American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Owner
    Asso Alcyone Shipping Company, Greece

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