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Kafireas Interconnection (Greece)- Subsea Cable laying & Protection

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The Kafireas project concerns the interconnection of 16 Wind Farms located at the southern part of Evia Island (southeast of Karystos) to the Hellenic mainland Power Grid at Pallini EHV Center (Attica region). The interconnection will be configured by a 150kV power line, which will be split in two independently operating circuits.

The project is divided in two (2) Phases and cable routes, phase 1 (RK2 – south cable) and phase 2 (RK1 – north cable).

Fulgor S.A. has awarded Asso a contract for the execution of a geophysical/geotechnical survey, cable laying, landing, and protection of the above-mentioned RK2 submarine cable of approximately 45km length.

Asso’s scope of work included:

  • Preparation/Mobilization
  • Cable Loading Operation
  • Pre – Lay Mattresses Installation
  • Pre – Lay Grapnel Run Operations
  • Onshore and nearshore pre-lay excavation works
  • Cable Lay operations
  • Post – Lay Mattresses Installation
  • Post – Lay Burial Operations – Onshore and Nearshore
  • Post – Lay Burial Operations – Offshore


  • Owner
    Enel Green Power Hellas
  • Contractor
    Fulgor S.A. Hellenic Cables Industry
  • Year
  • Location
  • Cable Type
    fo, hvac
  • Cable Diameter
    AC Power: 214.5 mm FOC: 24 mm
  • Cable Weight
    AC Power: 87.9 kg/m FOC: 5.35kg/m
  • Alternative Protection
    Mattresses: 105m Pre-excavation and reinstatement: 539m Cast Iron Shell Installation: 409m
  • Laying Length
  • Trenching Length & Burial Depth
    19,430 m @ 0.5m & 1.0m
  • Jetting Length & Burial Depth
    62,110m @ 1.0m
  • Max Water Depth


Some of the services we provided for Kafireas Interconnection (Greece)- Subsea Cable laying & Protection 

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  • Artemis

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    Artemis General Support Vessels
  • Astrea

    DP II – Multipurpose Support Vessel The Astrea is a DP-2 Multipurpose Support Vessel built for worldwide operations …

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  • Alcyone

    Multipurpose Support Vessel The Alcyone is a Multi-Purpose Support Vessel specially built for shallow water operations, in light …

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