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AssoTrencher IV Mk13 sits at the top of the trenchers range and represents the thirteenth upgrade of the glorious AssoTrencher IV family, whose long track record has proven its worth as durable, efficient, and long-lasting hard soil and rock trenching group of machines.

The AssoTrencher IV Mk13 is designed to cover the need for Post Lay Burial of submarine cables in hard seabed with increased production rates and assurance on the burial depth of the cable with the use of a double powerful eductor suction system.

The design of the vehicle has incorporated all the advantages found in the previous arrangements of the Assotrencher family and combines the ability to load heavy products (incl. bundled) with low to no-slack in bottom-loading configuration, ensuring cleaning of trenches with the use of its two eductor suction systems, keeping the effectiveness of achieving the burial depth in hard/mixed soil conditions.

  • Dimensions
    12.6 x 6.0 x 7.5 m
  • Total Power
    > 1.5MW
  • Weight
    60 Te in air
  • Chain
    Up to 3 Mpa soil strength
  • Wheel
    Up to 50 MPa soil strength
  • Seafloor Gradient
    15 degrees pitch & roll
  • Depth Rating
    800 m


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