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AssoTrencher V Mk4 is the 4th version of the AssoTrencher V vehicle from the AssoTrencher series, designed for both shallow and deeper trenching environments. Specifically, the Mk4 is a heavy-duty trencher capable of bearing multiple trenching tools yet lightweight in water due to sealed compartments all along its chassis.

The AssoTrencher V Mk4 has a completely revisited loading system borrowed from other vehicles of the AssoTrencher family which allows it to incorporate diverless operations even in shallow water conditions.

A wide variety of tracks allow for a project-specific effective area of weight application over soft top layers of the seabed, and thus apply the necessary weight depending upon project conditions.

Irrespective to the above, the AssoTrencher V Mk4 has the ability to carry various trenching tools in order to suit every condition possible. With this option the vehicle can approach and tackle a wide variety of soil conditions without any compromise.

  • Dimensions
    11.2 x 6.3 x 4.3 m
  • Total Power
    950 kW
  • Weight
    30 Te in air
  • Chain
    Up to 3 Mpa soil strength
  • Wheel
    Up to 50 MPa soil strength
  • Seafloor Gradient
    15 degrees pitch & roll
  • Depth Rating
    100 m


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