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Cable Laying Vessel Atalanti 9
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DP II – Cable Laying Vessel

The Atalanti is a DP-2 Cable Laying Vessel that has been specially designed and engineered for cable laying and protection works in shallow waters, which are not normally accessible by large cable laying vessels. She can handle at least 4,500 tons of cable in one or two electro-hydraulically operated Turn Tables, on a maximum draught of 4.26 meters.

High-standard accommodation facilities for a total of 77 persons are provided, offering ideal hotel facilities for lengthy projects in remote areas of the world.

The vessel is fitted with an ABS certified Class II Dynamic Positioning System which controls the vessel’s five (5) 1,000 HP Azimuthing thrusters and one (1) 2,400 HP Voith Schneider Propulsor.

The vessel also features two (2) specially designed “spud cans” for position keeping redundancy while operating in shallow waters and a 4-point mooring system consisting of four 30-Ton pull anchor winches (2 fore and 2 aft) each fitted with 800m of wire rope and a 5t Flipper-Delta anchor.

The Atalanti (Greek: Αταλάντη / Atalántē) is named after the ancient Greek mythological heroine of the same name, said to have been the fastest runner amongst the mortals and the only female crew member of the Argo during Jason’s mythological quest of the golden fleece (the Argonautic Expedition).

  • IMO Number
  • Length
    97.0 M
  • Breadth
    31.5 M
  • Dynamic Position System
    Kongsberg KPos-21
  • Deadweight
    5974 MT
  • Accommodation
    77 Persons
  • Flag
  • Classification
    American Bureau of Shipping
  • Owner
    Asso Atalanti Navigation Company Limited, Cyprus
  • Cable TurnTable
    4500T & 2500T

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