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2022 Adriatic Sea Interconnections 57

Adriatic Sea Interconnections Project II – Subsea Cable Laying

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The project involved replacing outdated submarine cables with 110 kV 3 x 630 mm2 counterparts along four routes, while storing the remaining length (approximately 1500 m) underwater near one of the sites. The total length of the loaded, transported, and installed submarine power cables amounted to roughly 30,500 m. 

One of the most demanding aspects of the project was the onshore pull-in operations, with two out of the eight pull-ins necessitating Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) spanning lengths of around 120m and 60m respectively. The installation of bellmouths was entrusted to divers, requiring significant pull-in forces due to the HDD process and the height difference between the HDD exit point and TJB. Furthermore, navigating steep slopes with tight turns at various sites posed challenges, leading to the development and deployment of specialized box rollers by ASSO. Notably, gradients as steep as 40% were encountered. 

Logistics proved to be another significant challenge, requiring continuous transportation of large quantities of equipment between work sites. Despite these hurdles, the vessel and pull-in teams successfully executed three consecutive landing activities. At the Mali Bok site, meticulous cable handling was crucial, with ASSO utilizing two quadrants to carefully receive approximately 198m of cable near the station. 

ASSO’s scope of work included:

  • Preparation activities // Mobilization activities
  • Cable Loading and cable transportation 
  • Pre – Laying Visual survey  
  • Cable laying 
  • Pull in Cable Onshore through HDD 
  • Wet storage of spare cable.


  • Owner
  • Contractor
  • Year
  • Cable Type
  • Cable Diameter
    218 mm
  • Cable Weight
    110 kg/m
  • Laying Length
    30 km
  • Max Water Depth
    70 m


Some of the services we provided for Adriatic Sea Interconnections Project II – Subsea Cable Laying 


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