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Provence Grand Large Project – Cable Installation for PGL Floating Offshore Windfarm

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Asso.subsea, in collaboration with Prysmian Group, completed the cable installation, burial, and protection for the Provence Grand Large Floating Offshore Wind Project, developed by EDF Renewables and its partners in the Mediterranean Sea. Positioned 16 km offshore, this pioneering floating offshore wind farm stands as a testament to the economic feasibility and environmental sustainability of such ventures. Asso.subsea meticulously oversaw all marine operations, including the intricate HDD operations, leveraging cutting-edge assets such as the CLV Atalanti and TSV Argo, thus demonstrating unparalleled expertise and innovation in offshore energy infrastructure at 100 m water depths.

ASSO executed meticulous route preparation through PLGR operations, followed by seamless cable installation of both static and dynamic cables, precise pull-in activities, and thorough post-lay burial utilizing jetting techniques for a total distance of 18,660 meters. This comprehensive undertaking also encompassed pre-lay and as-buried surveys to ensure impeccable quality and adherence to project specifications.

Asso’s scope of work entailed:

Preparation activities // Mobilization activities

Cable Loading and cable transportation

Pre – Laying Visual survey 

Cable laying

Pull in Cable Onshore through HDPE pipe

Post Lay Burial by means of Jetting


  • Owner
    Parc Eolien Offshore de Provence Grand Large
  • Contractor
    Prysmian PowerLink Srl
  • Year
  • Cable Type
  • Cable Diameter
    Static 119.85 mm & Dynamic 159 mm
  • Cable Weight
    Static 23 kg/m & Dynamic 43kg/m
  • Laying Length
    20775 m
  • Jetting Length & Burial Depth
    18660 m at 2.5m, 1.9m and 1.5m DoB
  • Max Water Depth
    100 m


Some of the services we provided for Provence Grand Large Project – Cable Installation for PGL Floating Offshore Windfarm 


  • Atalanti

    DP II – Cable Laying Vessel The Atalanti is a DP-2 Cable Laying Vessel that has been specially …

    Atalanti Cable Laying Vessels
  • Argo

    DP II – Trenching Support Vessel The Argo is a DP-2 Trenching Support Vessel built for worldwide operations, …

    Argo Trenching Support Vessels


  • AssoJet III Mk2

    The AssoJet III Mk2 is the newest of the ASSO’s jetting ROVs. It is in-house designed & is …

    AssoJet III Mk2 Deep Water Trenchers, Subsea Burial Equipment

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