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Cable Laying Vessel Atalanti Beaching (7)

Asso.subsea will support Nexans to install the nearshore section of the TenneT’s BorWin6 HVDC project

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Asso.subsea, a specialized global contractor in the submarine cable industry, has signed a contract with Nexans, worldwide leader in submarine cable manufacturing, for the transportation, installation and protection of the nearshore section for the 320 kV DC connection that will transmit up to 980 MW of clean energy from the BorWin cluster in Germany.

Asso.subsea will be involved in the design and execution of the most challenging areas of the project, characterized by very shallow waters, and will also assist Nexans in the execution of the Waddenzee work package, thanks to the specific characteristics and bespoken features of its state-of-the-art DP2 cable laying vessel “Atalanti”.

The Atalanti is one of the very few shallow waters cable laying vessels in the market with a capacity of up to 4500 Tons of cables that can be distributed in two different carousels. This allows the vessel to handle “bundled” HVDC cable systems and install them up to a water depth of 4 m with full DP capabilities. Moreover, the Atalanti will be equipped with the jet-sled Hydroplough burial tool, ensuring that the protection of the cable system will be reached in accordance with TenneT’s requirements.

Marine operations are scheduled to be executed during 2025.

Mr. Ioannis Togias, Executive Director of the Cable Installation BU, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Nexans for the BorWin6 project and support the ambitious Germany’s Energy transition plan. We strongly believe in the Energy Transition and the fundamental role of the Offshore Wind industry, and we are particularly proud of providing our contribution in this field.”

ASSO is very active in the Offshore Wind sector in Germany. The company has already participated and successfully completed its work packages in several projects such as BorWin3, DolWin3, Veja Mate, Deutsche Bucht, Global Tech 1 and Kaskasi and is currently involved in the development of the Gode Wind and Ostwind 3 projects.

Asso.subsea will support Nexans to install the nearshore section of the TenneT’s BorWin6 HVDC project

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