Syros, 09/06/2022

After an intensive maintenance plan following her acquisition, the Athena emerged from the shipyard resplendent in her new livery and logo, ready for her first deployment as part of the Asso Group’s fleet, to perform SAT Diving and light IMR duties in the Eastern Mediterranean.

During this maintenance period, preparatory works were also performed for her conversion to a dedicated Trenching Support Vessel (TSV), that is scheduled to be completed later this summer. The conversion will include the installation of a new 170t A-Frame on her stern, which combined with the existing 150t active heave compensated A&R winch, will allow the Athena to handle the brand-new AssoTrencher IV Mk13 mechanical trencher which is currently on Asso.subsea’s assembly line, as well as the Group’s successful Multi-Functional Plough for boulder clearance and pre-cutting operations.