'AssoMultiTrencher' is the latest innovation of a series of successful underwater vehicles designed and manufactured by Assosubsea.

This trencher is a 10 meter long bottom crawler, capable of operating in a wide range of soils. Its modular design allows operation in different seabed conditions, while the 2m jetting arm or cutting chain are able to produce excellent results in soft to medium seabeds. Moreover, the 'AssoMultiTrencher' is equipped with a pair of powerful caterpillars, installed around two active ballast pontoons. The Caterpillars provide friction and grip in most kinds of soils, while the two active ballast pontoons are used to trim vehicle’s weight distribution. By adding that feature, ASSO has created a first of its kind Trencher which is able to tackle and overcome obstacles and other anomalies on the seabed by adjusting its buoyancy utilizing 10 isolated ballast compartments.   


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