The Wilco 3200D Excavator is a terrain amphibious vehicle. It is a special modified vehicle that has the ability to approach beach worksites from sea. It is utilized in construction works where it is required to:

  • Excavate trenches for the protection of the cables or the pipes 
  • Backfill trenches 
  • Installation of articulated pipes 
  • Installation of mattresses 
  • Beach reclamation 
  • Levee works 

Some of its advantages are mentioned below:

  • Exceptional reliability 
  • Ability to operate 24 hours straight 
  • Operate in very hard terrains since it has a high digging force 
  • Ensure maximum operator safety 
  • Enhanced with built-in toughness 
  • Operate safely up to 2.2m water depth 

Due to the harsh environments that the excavator usually operates during landing site executions, i.e. near sea and coasts, its electric and hydraulic circuits are modified to minimize deterioration and to avoid operational problems.

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