Asso.subsea Hydroplow is a lightweight jetting sled that is intended for use in tandem with a CLV (Cable Lay Vessel) for SLB (Simultaneous Laying and Burial). Its heave compensated tow system is designed in such a way so as to operate safely and thriftily in cohesive soil constitution with high shear strength and in severe weather conditions.

This vehicle is designed to bury almost all kinds of flexible products including umbili-cals, power & telecommunication cables, flowlines and various flexible pipelines. The benefit of this system is that loading and unloading is independent, up to a certain limit, of weather conditions and can be established at high water depths.

The Hydroplow is supplied with a powerful water jetting system, which supplies high pressurized water to the cutting nozzles of the stinger from a water pump positioned on the tow support vessel/CLV. The benefit of this system is erosion and fluidization of the soil layers which results low tow forces and increased burial performance.

Fitted with the latest comprehensive instrumentation and surveillance electronic systems the Hydroplow vehicle provides real time data and image information continuously during burial operation.

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