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Fecamp OWF (IAC) (France) – Subsea Cable Laying/Protection/Route Preparation

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Asso has performed the route preparation (boulder clearance & PLGR operations), cables installation (cables free laying and pull-in activities) and protection activities by means trenching at 57x array cables and 14x collector cables. The scope of works also included as-buried surveys for each the aforementioned cables. 

The main vessels that were utilized are: 

• CLV Ariadne for cables installation activities 

• TSV Argo and TSV Athena as Trenching Support Vessels for route preparation, cables burial and surveys operations. TSV Athena was used for the cables backfilling operations as well. 

In addition, the following support vessels were mobilised: 

• Esvagt Froude with Walk-to-Work system for supporting the cables pull-in and T&T activities 

• CTVs for supporting the SOV as contingency 

For the cable burial activities TSV Argo was rigged with AssoTrencher IV Mk9 mechanical trencher vehicle and AssoJet III Mk2 jetting ROV, while TSV Athena was rigged with AssoTrencher IV Mk13 mechanical trencher vehicle. 

For the route preparation activities MPSV Astrea was rigged with AssoGrapple boulder removal grapple and TSV Athena was used for PLGR activities.

ASSO’s scope of work included:

  • Preparation Activities // Mobilization Activities
  • Cable Loading & Transportation 
  • Boulder removal
  • ROV Survey
  • Pre-lay Grapnel Run Operations 
  • Pre lay and Post Lay Burial Mechanical Trenching 
  • Pull in on OSS/WTG 
  • Cable Lay Operations  
  • Post Lay Burial Operations -Jetting  

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