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Spetses Spetsopoula Photo 5

Spetses-Spetsopoula Interconnection

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The Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO/DEDDHE) has awarded Assodivers Group a contract for the replacement of the power interconnection   between Spetses and Spetsopoula at the Argosaronic Gulf in Greece.

The cables system that was installed is composed by:

  • 2x 20kV MV Power cables

 Assodivers ‘s scope of work for the abovementioned project included:

  • Preparation activities/ mobilization – demobilization
  • Removal existing mooring systems
  • Removal of the existing submarine cables
  • Pre – Trenching visual survey operations
  • Onshore and nearshore pre -lay excavation works
  • Cable Lay operations
  • Trenching operations
  • Post – Lay Burial Operations – Onshore and Nearshore
  • Post – Lay Burial Operations – Offshore


  • Owner
    Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO/DEDDHE)
  • Contractor
    Assodivers Group
  • Year
    2018, 2019
  • Location
    Argosaronic Gulf, Greece
  • Cable Type
  • Laying Length
    2x 1000m
  • Trenching Length & Burial Depth
    985m @ 0.6m & 1.0m
  • Max Water Depth


Some of the services we provided for Spetses-Spetsopoula Interconnection 

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