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Asso.subsea completes Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm Inter-Array Cables Installation and Protection

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Asso.subsea, a specialized worldwide installation contractor in the submarine cable industry, announces the successful completion of the Inter-array cable installation and protection operations for the Fécamp Offshore Wind Project.

With a capacity of 500MW, the Fécamp site will generate sufficient electricity to fulfil the demands of 770,000 households in Seine-Maritime area. It will also offset two million tons of carbon dioxide helping the country to reach its goals towards energy transition.

Asso.subsea was contracted by Prysmian Group to execute the seabed preparation, installation and protection works, with the involvement of four different vessels and various subsea tools from the company’s extensive portfolio.

Mr. Dimitris Panagos, Director of Offshore Wind Projects at Asso.subsea, commented: “This important project marks a significant milestone for Asso.subsea, being the first inter-array project that the company has ever executed. As a one–stop-shop service provider for offshore activities, we have successfully installed and protected a total of 71 cables, being responsible for loading, transportation, installation, protection and backfilling of more than 118km of submarine cables, offering our expertise and extended ability to execute an extremely complex project, thanks to a full vertically-integrated solution”

The project was characterized by very hard soils and demanding burial requirements. Asso.subsea designed and built a new trenching vehicle, the AssoTrencher IV Mk13, with an innovative approach to enhance backfilling capabilities. This tool performed more than 100km of backfilling re-utilizing the previously excavated material, thus providing a unique environmentally sustainable solution for seabed reinstatement operations.

Asso.subsea utilized the full force of its state-of-art fleet, including the recently converted state-of-art CLV Ariadne and the trenching support vessels Athena and Argo, both equipped with the latest version of the AssoTrencher IV burial tools.

Over the past few years, Asso.subsea has continued to make major investments in its fleet and equipment, introducing new and upgraded assets, with multiple state-of-the-art vessels and a full range of cable protection equipment, and essentially expanding its capacity and capabilities to meet the challenges of the offshore wind and transmission grid market.

Asso.subsea completes Fécamp Offshore Wind Farm Inter-Array Cables Installation and Protection

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