BorWin 2 project is a 800 megawatt and 200 kilometer direct current connection. The wind park, which is located 125 kilometers off the coast, is able to feed the grid with large amounts of wind power. The land route from Hilgenriedersiel to the substation is about 75 kilometres long and runs parallel to the cable link for the BorWin 1 project.

Prysmian PowerLink had awarded Assodivers a contract for both installation and burial activities of the AC cable connecting the AC/DC offshore converter station ‘BorWin Beta’ with the offshore wind park ‘Global Tech 1’. The cable laying barge (CLB) 'Atalanti' loaded approximately 30km of the cable at Arco Felice factory and then transited towards Germany. The cable was simultaneously laid and buried (SLB) to a target burial depth of 1.55m, using 'Hydroplow'.

In July 2010, the preparatory horizontal wells on Norderney Island and Hilgenriedersiel had begun for the passage of the DC cable system. In 2011 was followed by the country cable laying and tunnelling under the river Ems. The laying of 125 km submarine cable took place in the fourth quarter of 2012. The construction of the transformer platform at sea took place on 2013. The commissioning date had been set for 2014.

Project Specifications

BorWin 2 - Global Tech 1 Cable

Prysmian PowerLink Srl
Cable Type:
Power 1x155kV HVAC
Cable Weight:
89kg/m in air
Cable Diameter:
Service Provided:
Cable Transportation - Simultaneous Laying/Burial
Laying Length:
Jetting Length & Burial Depth:
28,099m @ 1.55m
North Sea, Germany
Max Water Depth: